She Is Using Me For The Past 5 Months & I Can’t Do Anything About It

She Is Using Me For The Past 5 Months & I Can't Do Anything About It

I’m an Indian male 27 years of age, working in a 5-year-old electronics startup company that has around 30 employees. I joined as a first employee, later converted my position as a cofounder. I was good at technical and also a multipotentiality. I became the chief of the employees (CTO maybe, but for a small company, we didn’t have any official titles like CEO, CTO, COO, etc. ). There weren’t any precise position for me. I do what I could. We’ve launched several hardware products, some became profitable and some not so clicked. Later we entered into IoT field also.

At this stage, we needed a good content writer and SEO manager. Before that, we were handling the content marketing part of our self and had a pretty good idea about SEO. We’ve interviewed some candidates and shortlisted one lady in the late ’20s. She has good experience in journalism with reputable media firms. Since I was also handling the SEO manager position, I was confident that she can learn and become an asset to the company. She was extremely extrovert and very confident at everything. We didn’t give much thought about being single at this age since it is their personal matters.

It was an awkward experience to manage a pretty employee older than me, at that time she was the only one who is older than me apart from our founder. I was a highly introvert person(INTJ) who don’t talk much. She became comfortable with everyone in the company except me. Because of my introvert nature, I didn’t talk much to her except for training purposes and assigning tasks. I don’t like micromanaging employees and we promote self-learning. So weekly, 2 or 3 interaction was all I had. I have given the required materials, courses, etc. and helped her as I could.

I was a night owl and my work time was from 12 PM to 10 PM on most days. We have a flexible schedule, it turns out she also was a night owl. I was the one who leaves the office last normally. There were other 2 guys who work late with me till around 9 PM. She also gradually adjusted to working late at night.

Even after three months, she didn’t have many talks with me apart from official things. She was good at work and was doing perfectly. I had sent an email praising her work with cc’ing everyone in the team, it was for pure motivational and was normal among us. We’ve cultivated a culture of “appreciation in the team and critical feedback indirect”.

After that, she started working late even more and we were alone in most days after 9’o clock. She started to come to my cabin with her laptop and will work from here. We started to talk a lot, just the professional talks. She was the one who talks more and later started to share her personal details. I learned about why she was not married at this age. I didn’t ask, but she told me about some bad experience from a past relationship and attempted rape by her boyfriend. I sympathized with her out of the situation, and she thanked me. I told you about my introvert nature, don’t misunderstand my silence and you can approach for any help, even it is personal.

After that, she started to bring home-cooked sweets for me (just for me) and I didn’t know that time that she was bringing only for me. I gracefully I accepted since she brings what I like. It seems like she thought of me falling for her. Since I was an introvert, I need a cool-off period to adjust to a person. After that period, I will start to talk like a close friend.

After one more month, she started to become possessive. But I revolted by saying I just have a normal working relationship with her. We continued our working relationship as normal. But she had another plan. One night after leaving everyone from the office, she came to my cabin with her laptop as every day and sat alongside my seat. She came near to me and kissed me on the cheeks. I tried to discourage her, but she was adamant. She put my hands on her breasts and I did what a man do at that time, I couldn’t control myself. We didn’t have any intercourse, just kissing and caressing, that’s all. Little did she know that she was recording the whole act on her laptop. I didn’t notice her webcam light, I think she pasted something on the LED.

Anyway, she started to blackmail me using that clip and started to have sex with me. Since she was good with everyone, everyone will support her if she comes with a clip and I fear I would go to jail. I don’t want to leave this company since this is also mine and I can’t fire her without knowing others and maybe going to jail if she complains about sexual harassment. Long story short, she is using me for the past 5 months and I can’t do anything about it.

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