My Chemistry Teacher Was In The Mid 20s With Perfect Curves And A Body To Die For

Have you ever made out with a teacher

This was 15 years back and I was in my 11th standard. We had a stunningly hot Chemistry teacher. Let us call her Mary. She was in the mid-20s with perfect curves and a body to die for. She will be like

I was the topper of the class then and she liked me a lot. Because of that she always looked me while teaching (as teacher prefers maintaining eye contact with studious people). I felt bad at that time as she was looking at me, I couldn’t admire her properly 😛

I used to sit on the 1st bench and one day I was on leave. On that day while entering the class, her 1st words were “Is ____(my name) on leave? what happened to him?”. The next day when I came to my classmates teased me saying this and I was on Cloud nine.

I was in my school football team and I used to practice after school hours. There used to be special classes and extra tests after school hours for 12th standard students. Mary took Chemistry for them as well. Our school had a strict policy that the teacher should evaluate the test papers and submit marks within 2 days. Her house was nearer to mine. Sometimes she couldn’t stay late for the extra test so she asked me if I could deliver it to her. The same happened on that day. As I had a really good reputation among other teachers as well, they trusted me with the test papers 🙂

One day, as usual, I collected the test papers, went to my home, freshened up and went to her home but it was locked. I waited for a few minutes and while I decided to leave, she came rushing. I still remember she wore a white designer saree and a yellow blouse and looked gorgeous and smoking hot. She apologized that she was late as she went to a function. We went inside the house and asked me to sit and offered me a glass of juice. She also poured one for her and asked me if I was waiting for a long time. I said I just came a few minutes before but actually it was like 20-30 minutes. I badly wanted to meet her that day as she didn’t come to school for a few days. I was sitting like 60 degrees on her left side. Her pallu (saree drape) was thinner and her boobs were peeking out. So was her folded belly and it was a feast to my eyes as I was meeting her after a week. She even caught me looking at those yellow mangoes but acted as if she didn’t.

I asked her why she didn’t come to school and when is she coming back. She told her she went out of town with her family and she came returned on that morning only and her family members will come after 2 days. She went to attend some function of her friend which is why the door was locked and also told that she would return to school the next day. She also told she had a lot of work. I asked what work. She told she has corrected 2 sets of test paper but has to total it. She also had to type question paper for the next day’s test (She had a computer and printer in her home. Usually, she prepares the question paper, prints it and gives it to school. They will make the photocopies and use it for the test. She forgot to do that before she goes on for vacation)

Frankly speaking, I wanted to spend more time with her. As I knew type-writing, I asked her if I can help with typing the question paper. She was happy that I asked but said not needed. But I insisted and she said okay. She was really happy and thank me a lot. We planned that I will type as she narrates. She said she will come changing her dress and asked me to go to the computer room and switch it on. To be frank I didn’t anything about computers back then. I switch the CPU on, boot screen came followed by a sound and everything went off. I was scared that I did something wrong. I screamed “Oh god! Mam, come here fast”. As I screamed, she came in rushing. By that time, her saree was unpinned and as she was rushing, one of her breasts and her stunning navel were on display for me. I was stunned and was imagining whatever I could do with them. She said that the power cable of the CPU was loose. The CPU was next to the monitor. I was sitting on the chair and didn’t know where the cable was. She came to me and it was congested. As I was looking at the CPU, She came beside me and leaned over the small space between me and the computer table to reach the CPU. I didn’t notice this and I turned my face and boom. My face hit her mango. In a reflex, I held back a bit moving the chair. She didn’t mind it but continued adjusting the plug. Now I’m directly seeing her assets and her pallu was no more a barrier. She never displayed her navel in school. But now, it is right in front of me. After adjusting the plug (not the pallu), she waited till it boots and I didn’t even mind looking at the computer screen as I was looking at a delight. It was like this

I was shivering and was shocked for obvious reasons but she misunderstood it for the computer issue and pinched my cheek saying not to worry. LOL. Her touch made my condition even worse.

She changed her saree and wore a t-shirt and 3/4th pants and came. The t-shirt was tight enough to drive me crazy. She sat next to me and started telling the questions which I typed. I once elbowed her breast while trying to use the mouse. I apologized and she said it was okay. I was longing to do that again but was afraid at the same time. We were done with the typing in like 10 minutes. While I was doing the indentation and styling, she took her bundle of test papers for totaling. Once I was done and came out to the living room, she was sitting on the couch totaling the papers. As I approached her from the back, I could see her cleavage. I was standing there admiring that for a while before she turned back and asked if all done. I said yes and asked how many papers to total. She told 2 bundles, she has already corrected those but has to total. You might have guessed right. Yes, I offered her help in totaling as well. She said “no-no. you have already done a lot of help. Go home” I lied that my parents aren’t home if I go also I have to be alone. At least here, we could both give company to each other, she gave a cute smile and went in to take another bundle. Brought some snacks, switched on the TV and we were having fun in addition to paper totaling. We were sitting next to each other on the couch. I did brush her body a few times asking what mark was that.

She completed her papers and I had a few lefts. She went in and came sat in the table where I was keeping the papers and totaling. We shared the remaining papers and I was shocked to see her braless now. I was sure she wore one earlier. Her nipple impression made me crazy. She again completed her soon and came and sat next to me and teased me that I was slow in totaling. But I was doing it slow intentionally 😛 She leaned on me that my right arm was feeling her breast and kept on teasing that I was slow. Once I was done, She bundled the papers back and gave me a tight side hug.

I started feeling very comfortable with her and I did one thing. I said I was very tired and laid down on her lap. She turned my face around and gave me a kiss on my forehead and cheek. I didn’t know what it was. But, as a 16-year-old with rushing hormones which I was controlling for more than an hour, I couldn’t control it anymore. I stood up and so did she. We looked at each other for a few seconds and started hugging and exchanging kisses all over. She went to lock the door. I just grabbed her from behind kissed her neck while we were moving to the bedroom. Pushed her to the bed, rolled up her top kissed her navel, licked it while she was moaning. I removed the top and was doing whatever I imagined before with those babies. I could just place my face between them spend days together. Enjoyed them for like 20 minutes and then she started kissing me. That was my first sex. After that also, we made out occasionally like when people are not there in her house. But we were normal in school. This continued for over a year before she went out of town.

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